The Santa Maria Valley Youth Soccer Association (SMVYSA) is proud to present its 3rd Annual SMVYSA Strawberry Tournament. The tournament will be held on January 11 & January 12, 2014 (rain dates are January 18 & 19, 2014).

This tournament is a Class III, for All Star Recreational teams

Open to affiliated All Star Recreational teams from the USYSA State Associations, CYSA-North, CYSA- South and AYSO. Teams traveling outside of CYSA-South must comply with the travel procedures.

Three game pool play format. Each team will be guaranteed three (3) games. The top two teams from each division, based on points, will advance to the Championship Game. The second teams from each division, based on points, will compete for third place in the Third-Place match. While every team will be guaranteed three games, the final tournament format will be determined by the final number of teams in the division.

Awards will be given to 1st place, 2nd place and  3rd place teams. Each participating player will receive a tournament pin.

If you wish to APPLY FOR PARTICIPATION in the SMVYSA Strawberry Cup, please follow the on-line registration instructions by visiting the SMVYSA website: The Application must be received by the Tournament Committee on or before January 2, 2014. To provide quality fields and competitively matched brackets, the number of teams in the tournament will be limited. APPLY FOR THE TOURNAMENT EARLY.

 ENTRY FEE: U10-$450                                            U12 & U14-$525
No referee deposit is required

Teams accepted will be notified on or beforJanuary 5, 2014. Eligible teams must submit their final roster by January 9, 2014. At check-in time teams will be asked to present current 2013/2014 laminated player's card (picture included) and medical release forms for each player. Tournament package containing all necessary forms will be available at the SMVYSA website or can be mailed to you upon request once you have received acceptance into the tournament.

We may accept late registration, subject to bracket availability. Teams not accepted will receive a full refund.

ancellations prior to the January 9, 2014 deadline will be subject to a $200.00 processing fee. Teams withdrawing on or after January 9, 2014 will forfeit the entire fee. 

Winter 2014 SMVYSA Tournament Rules

(May Be Modified Without Notice)

Teams will be bracketed in their Winter 2014 age groups.






Pool play








20 MIN/Half






25 MIN/Half






25 MIN/Half




A.  Location

Games will be played at Pioneer Valley High School.

B.  Rules of Play 
            â€œLaws of the Games” as modified by USYSA and Cal South will apply.

1.   Games will consist of "2 halves" as specified above.

2.   Referees will comply with FIFA rules and substitutions. Substitutions may be made at any stoppage (dead ball) only with the permission of the field referee.

3.   Final games will be the regulation length for each age group.

4.   If the game is tied at the end of regulation, play will go directly to FIFA penalty kicks (no overtime period).

5.   Running clock for all games. 

C.   Players

1.   Fall 2013-Fall 2014 laminated USYSA/Cal South or AYSO player identification cards and medical release forms are required for check-in and games. {AYSO teams are also required to complete these forms in addition to tournament application; 1). Travel application 2). AYSO team roster}.

2.   Each head coach is responsible for assuring the eligibility of all players on his/her team. Coaches must maintain, in their possession at all times, the official CYSA or AYSO player registration forms with original signatures. NO FORMS - NO PLAY· NO EXCEPTIONS

3.   One hour prior to the first game of the first day, the Coach shall present his player registration forms to the Field Marshal with a 2013 CAL SOUTH or AYSO laminated player card for each player. Completed game cards/rosters must be turned in and rosters are frozen at check-in. Only players listed on the Team Roster submitted at check in shall participate in the Tournament games. If any non-listed player is used in any game, that team shall be disqualified from the Tournament.

4.   Teams must check in with the field marshal at least 15 minutes before each scheduled game time.

5.   Players with casts are ineligible and will NOT be allowed to play in the Tournament.

6.   10 teams shall have a maximum of 14 players on the roster with 8 on the field. U12 & U14 teams shall have a maximum of 18 players on the roster with 11 on the field.

7.   No player may compete in the tournament on more than one team, even if that team is eliminated. 

.   General Requirements

1.   All games shall start on time. If a team is not on the field of play and ready to start the game within five minutes after the scheduled time, the game shall be deemed a forfeit. A forfeit shall be recorded as a 1-0 win in favor of the opposing team. The game will not be made up and counts as played.

2.   Players not present (or expected to be absent) when the match begins must be identified on the line-up card.

3.   The minimum number of players required to start a game will be five (5) for U10 and seven (7)for U12 & U14.

4.   The home team is the team listed first on the schedule. The home team shall have choice of sideline. Teams shall be on opposite sides of the field. The home team shall provide a suitable game ball.

5.   The home team shall be responsible for changing to an alternate color jersey in the event of a conflict.

6.  Ball sizes shall be: Size 4 for U10 & U12 and Size 5 for U14.

7.   Coaches (including assistant coaches giving instructions) and substitute players shall remain within the area ten yards each side of the half line during the game. All other spectators will remain outside this area. No one is allowed behind goal. Coaches or parents shall not enter the field of play, unless requested by the referee.

 8.   Referee game cards must be signed by coaches and the referee, and provided to Field Marshal.

 9.   Please help us to keep our fields clean by asking your team to pick up any trash after your game.


 E.    Scoring

 1.   Team Standings will be determined by the following point system:

a.   6 points/win

b.   3 points/tie

c.   1 point/shut-out, including 0-0 ties

d.   1 point/goal (maximum 3 goals/game)

e.   0 points/loss

.    Minus 1 point/red card issued to player or coach

 Forfeit = Score of 1 – 0. 6 points, no shut out point. (There will be no compensation

or the loss of a game due to a team forfeiting or dropping from the tournament.)

ailure to take the field within a 5 minute grace period will result in a forfeit by

offending team.

2.   Ties in Standings from Pool Play will be resolved as follows:
a.     Winner Head-to-Head
          b.    Goal differential (forfeits not counted)
c.     Least Goals against 
d.    Most Goals score
e.    Most Shut-out wins
f.     Most total wins (a forfeit will count as a win)
g.     Head-to-Head Goal Differential
h.     FIFA penalty kicks, time and location determined by Tournament Director 

3.   In the event of a tie at the end of regulation of a playoff game, a shootout will occur in accordance with FIFA guidelines; NO OVERTIME PERIOD. Only the players left on the field after the second period can participate in the shoot-out.

 F.  Substitution

1.   Free substitution is allowed on stoppage of game, with the referees' permission.

2.   During overtime periods, players may only be substituted at the beginning of each overtime period.

3.   Any team found not to be following the rules governing substitutions might be subject to immediate disqualification. It is the coach's responsibility to insure that all players play half a game, and not the referee's job to remind the coach of a player who has not complied with of this section.

4.   Substituting for injuries:

           a.   If a player is injured and taken out of the field, the coach may provide a substitute for the player, in which case the injured player may return until the next play.

                       b.   The coach may choose to play "short". 

           c.   The player must be recognized by the referee to legally return to the game.

G.  Conduct and Disciplinary Actions

1.   All games shall be conducted in accordance with the current FIFA Laws of the Game and decisions of the International Board in effect, except as modified by SMVYSA here in. All participants (coaches, player’s referees, and spectators) are expected to follow these guidelines with a positive spirit for the benefit of all the young people who participate in the tournament. Fair play is expected and anything less will not be tolerated.

2.   Coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of their players, parents and fans on their sidelines.
Players, coaches, parents and fans shall conduct themselves in a proper and respectful manner. Coaches are expected to follow the guiding principles of SMVYSA and take the lead in providing an atmosphere of fun and good sportsmanship. Anyone smoking, using alcohol or drugs, yelling profanities or conducting themselves in a manner which the referee or the Field Marshal deems inappropriate or an interference with the players shall be asked to leave. The Field Marshals and referees shall have the final authority for the enforcement of this rule. Refusal to comply or repeated infractions may result in disqualification of the team.

3.   Harassment of the referees will not be tolerated. Spectators or Coaches may be asked to leave the field at the discretion of Tournament Officials. Taunting, baiting, ridiculing motions or body language, intimidation, foul or abusive language, or other acts of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated on or off the field of play. Tournament Directors, Field Marshals, their designees and referees may ask any person to leave the tournament grounds for infractions of this rule.

4.   A coach who is ejected due to misconduct will be asked to leave the field immediately and will be required to sit out the next scheduled game and the team will receive a 1 point deduction. If there is no other team administrator to continue the game, the game will be recorded as a forfeit with the score of 1-0 awarded to the opponent.

5.   If a player receives a red card (ejected) during a game, he or she will have to sit out the next scheduled game and will receive a 1-point deduction. In case of violent conduct or serious foul play, The Tournament Committee will determine the severity of the suspension.



H.   Protests

1.   NO PROTEST WILL BE ACCEPTED. The referee's decision is final.

2.   The referee's judgment with regard to laws of the game, field condition, and players' equipment can not be challenged and his/her decision is final. 


I.    Unexpected circumstances

The Tournament Director will resolve any issues not covered under the above rules. His/Her decision is final.


J.   Weather

Rain or other weather conditions during the Tournament shall not delay play unless the referee deems the field unsafe. In the event of inclement weather or unsuitable field conditions, games may: be shortened, go to FIFA penalty kicks, or be canceled. There will be no refunds or reimbursements of tournament application fee for cancellation or forfeiture of any game.